Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach

There is nothing quite like strolling down white sandy beaches and listening to the waves crash in the background. North Myrtle Beach is home to some of the most luxurious resorts, but the best way to enjoy the area is by staying at one of our Barefoot Resort rentals. Barefoot Resorts give you more freedom than motels and hotels in the area. Likewise, when you partner with a company that secures these locations for you, it takes the stress out of trying to find a resort last minute or one that will fit the entire family. If you are ready to get out and explore North Myrtle Beach, then book your stay with Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach. Take the stress out of planning your next holiday in Myrtle Beach with easy online reservations.Stay close to local dining, shopping, golf, and more.

Find The Best Lodging At Barefoot Resort Myrtle Beach

At Myrtle Beach Barefoot Resort, our goal is to provide the visitors of North Myrtle Beach with a tranquil and luxurious vacation experience. Our stunning accommodations are situated in a convenient location, just minutes from everything the area has to offer. We provide clean, modern and spacious accommodations for all our guests, in addition to offering the most inventive marketing services to homeowners who wish to be included in our rental inventory.

Whether you are looking to rent or need property management, we believe in treating all our guests and homeowners with tailored professional services. We want to be a part of your ultimate getaway, so give us a call today to book your property with Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach.

What’s Different About Barefoot Resort?

These resort rental properties are professionally maintained, the homes are stocked very well, and they have everything you need for a proper vacation experience.

Even better, you have facilities that you can enjoy indoors and outdoors, including pools, gyms, tennis courts, golf courses, and of course high-speed internet access and cable.

Why leave half of your family at home? When you book a Barefoot Resort rental, you can find locations that are pet-friendly so that everyone gets to come along.

For the couple looking to get away and escape for a romantic holiday, you do not want the usual hustle and bustle of a hotel. Instead, you want a home or condo in North Myrtle Beach that offers you privacy, a relaxing escape, and premier access to the local beaches.

Traveling with children can be stressful, and especially if you’re going to be cooped into a hotel room. With a resort rental, you can get a unit big enough to fit the entire family, so that everyone is comfortable during their stay.

With our Barefoot vacation rentals, you have access to premier views, the area’s best golf, and the luxuries of staying in a fully-equipped home rather than a hotel room.