6 Signature Southern Foods and Where to Find Them on the Grand Strand

Some foods are just quintessentially southern. If you’ve never tried a pimento cheese and fried green tomato BLT, collard greens, or sweet tea — to name a few — you are surely missing out! Here are just a few signature southern foods and where to find them on your next Grand Strand vacation!

  1. Boiled Peanuts

Historically, this southern delicacy was often found at late summer social gatherings, when the final peanut crops were boiled for hours in heavily salted water for preservation. With a soft texture similar to beans and easy to peel shells, you can now find boiled peanuts sold by the bag at roadside rest stops along your trip.

  1. Collards

Often paired with Carolina BBQ, collards are a staple of good old-fashioned southern cooking. Cooked low and slow, these tasty greens are made even better with the addition on smoky ham, sweet onions, apple cider vinegar, and a touch of sugar. You’ll find this side dish on any respectable Grand Strand menu, but Simply Southern Smokehouse took the top spot for collards on a recent Foursquare list.

  1. Fried Fish

South Carolina is known for fresh seafood, especially served up Calabash style. We’re talking local flounder, catfish, shrimp, crab, and oysters fried to perfection with a side of coleslaw and a basket of hushpuppies. You’ll find a number of great seafood restaurants up and down the Grand Strand Coast, from Little River down to Murrells Inlet.

  1. Pimento Cheese

A picnic classic, creamy Pimento Cheese is a true southern cuisine favorite. Made with cheese, pimentos, Duke’s Mayo (another southern staple), and a touch of heat, this spread is the ultimate appetizer. It’s even better when used in a grilled cheese sandwich, like this Ultimate BLT from the Boathouse in Myrtle Beach, paired with fried green tomatoes.

  1. Shrimp and Grits

As porridge made from coarsely ground corn meal, grits are often served with butter and sugar at breakfast time. Grits are also served as a savory dish on southern tables. No two restaurants make Shrimp and Grits exactly the same. Some add smoked sausage or bacon, others add hot sauce, but all include South Carolina shrimp. The Shack in North Myrtle Beach makes a great dish at a reasonable price, or you can make your own with this recipe from Southern Living.

  1. Sweet Tea

In South Carolina, we like our tea sweet! You may find unsweetened tea on the menu, but for a true southern experience, order up an ice-cold glass of sweet tea. No doubt you’ll find it at every Grand Strand restaurant, from the casual boardwalk eatery to the fancy oceanfront establishment. You’ll thank us later.

For more signature southern foods and where to find them, check out Food Network’s list of “What to Eat in South Carolina.”  And for a great place to stay on the Grand Strand, contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach and ask about our fall specials.


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