3 Unique Places To Enjoy Sushi On The Grand Strand

While the Grand Strand is famous for fresh seafood platters and amazing Calabash buffets, we also have some pretty incredible establishments for Sushi lovers. From a downtown oceanfront restaurant serving up gourmet burgers and liquid nitrogen drinks alongside Makimono Rolls and Sashimi, to a craft beer bar with an extensive menu that includes over 35 succulent sushi options, here are some of the most unique places to enjoy sushi during your stay on the Grand Strand.


ART Burger Sushi Bar

This one of a kind oceanfront restaurant combines art, sushi, gourmet burgers and an innovative liquid nitrogen bar. Located in the downtown district, ART Burger Sushi Bar uses fresh ingredients for favorites like Shrimp Tempura, Beach, Great Wave, and American Gothic Makimono Rolls. Choose from Ahi tuna, eel, octopus, salmon, shrimp or crab when ordering Nigiri and Sashimi. Or try the “Outside The Box Rolls” featuring unusual options like the Fred Chicken Roll, the Burger Roll, or the Carolina Roll with BBQ pulled pork.


CO Sushi

Located at the Market Common, an upscale shopping center in Myrtle Beach, CO Sushi offers a modern take on traditional Southeast Asian cuisine. One of seven locations across the Southern states, the Myrtle Beach establishment serves up handcrafted cocktails and a menu of bold flavors. Options include Makimono Rolls, Sushi Small Plates, Pressed Sushi, Nigiri and Sashimi, Maki and Temaki, and more. They also have Asian-inspired desserts and a Kid’s Menu that includes a “Beginner Sushi” platter consisting of a California Roll with Surimi Salad, plus cucumber and avocado.


The Grumpy Monk

While not your typical Sushi place, The Grumpy Monk is a local favorite. While there is one in nearby Carolina Forest, a second location recently opened at Broadway at the Beach. Famous for craft beer and a massive tap list, the menu is equally large with a special section reserved just for Sushi. There are over 35 options, from the traditional (Spicy Tuna Roll, Volcano Roll) to the downright unusual (Monk’s Blackened Chicken Roll, Grumpy Seafood Fiesta).

For more unique places to enjoy Sushi on the Grand Strand, check out this Yelp article on the 10 Best Sushi Bars in Myrtle Beach. And for a great place to stay, contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach!


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