Cherry Grove Pier: A Timeless Gem of North Myrtle Beach

A Storied History: Cherry Grove Pier

The Cherry Grove Pier has been a cherished landmark in North Myrtle Beach since its inception. While it is renowned for fishing, many visitors flock to the pier simply to take in the breathtaking views. With countless stunning sunsets and glorious sunrises witnessed here. Cherry Grove Pier holds a special place in the hearts of many.

Resilience Through Adversity

Over the years, the pier has faced significant challenges, particularly from hurricanes. In 1989, Hurricane Hugo devastated the pier, leading to its reconstruction and the addition of a unique two-story observation deck. This feature, exclusive to Cherry Grove Pier, made it even more popular for sightseeing. However, in 1999, Hurricane Floyd caused the observation deck to snap off and drift 1,000 yards down the beach. The pier underwent renovations again and was reopened by the summer of 2000. In 2001, further improvements were made with the renovation of the tackle shop and the construction of the Boardwalk Beach Café, which operates daily from 11 AM to 10 PM. Despite the challenges the Cherry Grove Pier always emerges stronger and more beautiful.

A Vibrant Destination Today

Today, the pier continues to thrive as a vibrant destination. The Bait and Tackle shop offers a comprehensive range of fishing gear, souvenirs, t-shirts, sunglasses, beach accessories, and cold drinks. Additionally, it features sea life and nature-themed books and toys for children, ensuring something for everyone. Whether you're planning a day of fishing or a family outing to enjoy the scenery, the pier offers an unforgettable experience. Visitors can often spot porpoises swimming around the pier and enjoy a variety of sea life.

Next time you’re in North Myrtle Beach, make sure to visit Cherry Grove Pier. A lifetime of memories awaits you at this iconic destination. Click Here for more information about the pier.

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