Can’t You Sea? Ocean Plastic Artifacts at the Burroughs Chapin Art Museum

The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum is dedicated to being one of the finest visual arts museums in the Carolinas. Housed in a quaint 1920’s villa overlooking the ocean in Myrtle Beach, visitors to the museum will find unique, interactive exhibits, as well as permanent collections of regional art. This summer, two special exhibits can be seen. The first, Emily Esdaile Weston (1810-1886) | The Legacy of a Planter’s Wife, showcases 105 illustrations of our coastal landscape during the Civil War era. The second, Can’t You Sea?, brings awareness to one of our world’s most immediate and biggest environmental problems: plastic ocean pollution.


“Art is powerful. It has the ability to communicate important social, political and environmental issues in a way that is loud and unyielding in its resolve and at the same time playful and beautiful in its approach.”

According to the museum’s website, the ocean contains an estimated 150 million tons of plastic, with 8 million tons added annually. Can’t You Sea? is an exhibition of ARTifacts created by six artists/activists: Dianna Cohen, Alejandro Duran, Sayaka Ganz, Pam Longobardi, Aurora Robson and Kirkland Smith, who employ discarded plastic as both an artistic medium and as subject matter. While helping make the world a better place by keeping plastic out of our oceans, beaches and waterways, these artists are bringing awareness to this increasing environmental threat by using that plastic to make beautiful art objects that speak to the dangers of ocean plastic pollution. In addition, there will be an enriching series of educational programs for all ages designed to accommodate the exhibition’s conservation efforts, including a fascinating lecture series titled Planet or Plastic.

Both summer exhibits can be seen until early September of this year. The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum is located at
3100 South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. Admission is free to the public, but donations are accepted and encouraged.

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