A Brief History of “America’s Finest Strand”

South Carolina’s Grand Strand has long been one of the East Coast’s most popular vacation destinations for families. Stretching for 60 miles along the Atlantic coast from Little River to Winyah Bay, the Greater Myrtle Beach Area is now home to world-class golf, entertainment and attractions and welcomes more than thirteen million visitors annually. But how did it become the area we know and love today? Let’s take a step back in history.


A Town Is Born

From its earliest days, the Greater Myrtle Beach area was promoted as a family vacation destination, but prior to the turn of the century, the beaches were largely inaccessible to tourists. Thanks to the balmy southern weather, rich timber resources, and the addition of a railroad in 1900, it soon became apparent that the area had the potential to rival resort towns like Coney Island and Atlantic City to the north.

After this discovery and much development, the newly formed seaside town was named for the wild Wax Myrtle trees growing along the shoreline. Soon, visitors began traveling from surrounding areas to Myrtle Beach and the South Carolina coast in search of a fun summer getaway.

Becoming Grand

By the late 1920s, the Myrtle Beach area had seen exponential growth, with the addition of upscale resorts, a wooden boardwalk, and the region’s first golf club. In 1936, the Intracoastal Waterway was opened for recreational boating, and the following year, the town was officially incorporated (later becoming a city in 1957).

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion was built in 1949. The very same year,  the Myrtle Beach Sun coined the region The Grand Strand.  Following the publication of their column, “From the Grand Strand,” the moniker was picked up by another local news outlet, the Myrtle Beach News. Soon, words like “The Grand Strand” and “America’s Finest Strand” began appearing on postcards sent across the US or kept as souvenirs. 

Still America’s Finest Strand

While much has changed, the Greater Myrtle Beach area is still considered “America’s Finest Strand” today, and families still flock to its shores in search of fun in the sun. Feeling nostalgic? Help us celebrate our ten year anniversary by sharing your favorite Grand Strand memory from the past ten years. Upload your Grand Strand vacation photo to https://go.flip.to/FBVRNMB for a chance to win a $250 Stay Credit on Your Next 7+ Night Stay in a 3-6 Bedroom Condo and more. Entries are due by June 30, 2020.

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