How to Safely Plan a Grand Strand Vacation During the Pandemic

The Grand Strand is a driving destination for most of the states that border the East Coast. Stretching for 60 miles along the northern shore of South Carolina, this area is most famous for its sunny beaches — and a friendly dose of Southern hospitality!


While homebound due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many have dreamed of returning to the beach for some much-needed sunshine and salty air. With proper social distancing and appropriate accommodations, a trip to the Grand Strand is possible. In fact, Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach is currently taking reservations and we’re offering a great discount, too! Whether you book an oceanfront condo or a spacious rental house not far from the beach, we offer private, clean properties to fit your unique needs and budget.

Here are a few ways we are helping to make your trip to the Grand Strand a little safer during the pandemic, and things you should know before you come.

  • Guests will be provided free linens. Our cleaning crews are following all COVID-19 guidelines, including the Department of Health guidelines for cleaning linens.
  • We are requesting guests bring their own food and supplies to avoid having to shop. However, we will try our best to provide extra toilet paper and paper towels when needed. Essential stores and businesses are open, however, it’s smart to plan ahead and pack smart before you leave home.
  • While many area attractions are closed, public beach access and parking are open along the Grand Strand. Social distancing rules remain in place and are being enforced. Groups of two or more that are not immediate family members are prohibited from gathering. For more information on what beaches are open along the Grand Strand, click here.
  • Currently, dining at a restaurant is prohibited in the state. However, many local establishments are offering take-out and delivery. Our properties have fully stocked kitchens, so you can also plan to cook, or place an order with Philomena’s Catering Co. during your stay. They are offering family meals that are chef-prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • When renting a coastal property on the Grand Strand, it’s smart to secure Travel Insurance. For more information and for rates, contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach ask about Travel Insurance when booking.

Come back to your happy place at the beach!  Contact us today to start planning your trip, and be sure to ask about the 35% discount we are currently offering on all properties!

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