How to Have a Fun-Filled Day at the Funplex Myrtle Beach

Are you looking for family entertainment in North Myrtle Beach? We know the perfect place. The Funplex Myrtle Beach is our coastal town’s newest attraction! This amusement park on Ocean Boulevard features several roller coasters that are perfect for thrillseekers of any age. The Funplex is set to open in spring 2021, so be sure to add it to your family’s summer vacation itinerary! Read on for more information about what this attraction has to offer. 


Your Guide to Visiting the Funplex Myrtle Beach 

The Funplex Myrtle Beach boasts seven roller coasters, a walk-up bar, and a restaurant in a tropical-themed setting. Here, the relaxation of the beach meets the thrill of an amusement park! Below, we’ve highlighted some of the top attractions at this amusement park that you’ll want to explore.  


There are several roller coasters to choose from at The Funplex Myrtle Beach. However, the Mach Fun ride is a must for your visit! The Mach Fun is an impressive, 360° jet simulator ride. It’s the largest ride of its kind on the market, and the first in North America. You simply can’t find thrills like this anywhere else! 


You’re sure to work up an appetite with all the adventure at The Funplex. Satisfy your hunger with a visit to the park’s on-site restaurant, Off-the-Coast Beach Bar and Grill. The menu features everything from sandwiches to cocktails, so there’s a menu option for everyone. Just looking for a snack? Indulge in fair favorites like funnel cakes, kettle corn, and more!  

More Family Entertainment 

Can’t get enough of what The Funplex has to offer? Check out more water and amusement parks on the Grand Strand for your family vacation! Here are a few of our favorites: 

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