3 Reasons You should Take a Trip with Your Mother

Travel and Leisure recently reported on a study from The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging that proves taking a vacation now and then is just as important for your health as eating right and getting enough exercise. In fact, it may even help you (and your loved ones) live longer! We’ve already told you that taking a trip with your girlfriends is also good for your health, and the most important girl in your life is undoubtedly your mom. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not plan a vacation on the Grand Strand with the woman who brought you into the world? After all, it’s a scientific fact that quality time together is good for both of you!


Here are a few more reasons to take a trip with your mother.

You will be making memories.

Remember when you were a kid, and you made your mom a macaroni necklace on her special day? She was so touched; she made you believe she cherished that gift almost as much as she cherished you. While it was incredibly thoughtful at the time, you’re all grown up now, and probably don’t get to see your mom as often as you did way back when. Instead of buying or making her a DIY gift this year, it’s time to make some special memories for her to cherish — just the two of you. While a crocheted scarf or wooden trivet is lovely, we guarantee you that spending time with you is at the top of her wish list!


You will get to know her better.

Now that you are both older, your relationship has surely evolved. Taking a vacation with your mother gives you a rare opportunity to really get to know the amazing woman she is. And it will allow her to see the incredible person you have become, thanks to her. With uninterrupted time together, you will be able to catch up away from distractions and your busy schedules. You will learn things about her life and the history of your family. You will have once-in-a-lifetime conversations that will stay with your forever. And you may just find you have a lot more in common with your mom than you thought.


You will have fun!

Vacations let you unwind, relax, and have fun. Imaging going on a helicopter adventure with your mom, or learning to shag dance at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Take a surfing lesson, snap some photos with your favorite celebrities at the Hollywood Wax Museum, shop ‘til you drop at Barefoot Landing, or simply go for an evening stroll on the beach in search of seashells. Think of the things you’ll cross of your bucket lists! The Grand Strand really is the perfect destination for a family vacation.


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